Moxon Joinery Bench

Viewer Project - By Felix Veronneau
Added on April 17, 2018

My regular woodworking bench is at the perfect height for planing wood, but I wanted something a little bit higher for doing more detailed work such as carving or joinery.

The moxon vise is made with 3/4” acme threaded rod and the matching nuts, which I embedded behind the non-moving wood jaw. The handles are made of ebony that I cut, chiseled and rasped to shape. They’re epoxied to the steel rods. The vise can firmly hold boards up to 24 inches wide.

Most materials were salvaged from the dumpster. The laminated top and the frame material were 11 feet long pallet stretchers. I took the nails out and planned them flat. I think they are some kind of soft maple. The drawer fronts and the matching side boards were long laminated pieces of oak flooring which had been left on the curb. The frame was milk painted and everything was covered with natural tung oil.


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