Mike’s AnalogOne.One

Viewer Project - By Mike Pecsok from Camarillo, CA
Added on September 4, 2014

Here is AnalogOne.One, the second rendition of my wooden bike design. I’ve used some figured walnut and maple in this build. The main frame is laminated from 9 alternating layers so that the seams are crossed-lapped. The chain stay and seat stay (rear triangle area) are bent-laminated using 33 layers of veneer and WestSystem epoxy. The main frame has been hollowed to facilitate internal cable routing, weight savings, and feel.

It was very important to me that this bike is fully functional. For this reason, I have used a carbon fork and standard bike components. It has a smooth ride that is silent thanks to the belt drive and sound absorbing properties of wood.

I’ve finished the bike with shellac after a long thought on the correct finish. I know that shellac is not the most resilient; however, I chose to use it because, if the bike frame were to be dented or damaged, the shellac could easily be blended back into itself.

If anyone has specific questions, I will be happy to answer them!