Michael’s Theater Room Table

Viewer Project - By Michael Frase
Added on June 18, 2015

As a fairly new TWW Guild member, let me simply say that Marc has inspired me…his unique way of presenting information that is easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable to watch makes him a most excellent teacher!

This is my first piece of woodworking ever. I built this table for a friend based on a sketch he gave me. Before this project, I had never owned a table saw, router, planer, jointer, band saw, or Domino. And I certainly had never cut a single board foot of exotic wood! Watching every one of Marc’s videos (yep, I’m a TWW junkie) over the last three months gave me, not only the courage to tackle woodworking as a potential retirement income booster, but also the skills necessary to possibly succeed. I even taught myself SketchUp so I could formalize my friend’s drawing and then proceed to build his table to those plan specifications. In fairness, I have been a professional photographer and graphic designer all of my life.

All the joints are tongue and groove or floating tenon with the addition of four saddle joints where the lower stiles meet the foot rails. The top mount brackets are elongated to allow for wood movement and the protection is General Finishes satin EnduroVar–four coats lightly sanded between. The wood in the body and top is Ambrosia Maple and the frame is Peruvian Walnut. The drawers are Peruvian Walnut and Curly Maple and they move on under-mount BluMotion slides from Rockler.

The table’s cantilever top covers a bamboo trash can while keeping the can mostly out of sight. This table sits between my friend’s front two theater chairs and houses a plethora of remote controls, i Pads, chargers, magazines, etc. Just in case anyone might be curious about its odd design.

I look forward to many more years of edutainment from TWW!


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