Matt’s Sculpted Rocking Chair

Viewer Project - By Matt from California
Added on September 15, 2009

Your website is great! I very much enjoy the videos, commentary, etc. I’m a finance guy by day and woodworker all other times. I’ve been woodworking for almost 3 years now and can’t get enough of it. It started off with Legos and Lincoln logs at age 3, one semester of Wood Shop in grade school and then I decided to buy my own tools a few years back. Now I’m a proud Festool addict!

I thought I’d pass along photos of a rocking chair I made out of curly and quilted maple from Hal Taylor plans and made some changes as I saw fit. It took me about 90-100 hours to build one chair after making all the necessary jigs and buying all the necessary drill bits, tools, etc. I found it to be a very interesting and fun project to build and frankly thought it would be way over my head.


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