Matthew’s Bowed Arm Morris Chair

Viewer Project - By Matthew Parker from Redondo Beach, CA
Added on July 10, 2014

Up until recently I got my woodworking fix by building and or fixing up my homes. That all changed when my wife and I moved into the parsonage at her new church. I decided that I would change my woodworking focus to things that I could take with me.

I hemmed and hawed about what to build first and ultimately decided on a Morris chair. I was not really satisfied with the traditional styles so I created my own more modern interpretation of the Morris chair. I also chose to break from the traditional Quartersawn White Oak and used Walnut for my chair. I love the look and really can’t understand why it is not done more often. I’m looking forward to seeing what Marc does with the Guild version.

If you’re interested in building your own Morris Chair, head over to The Wood Whisperer Guild for the details & plans.