Mark’s Shaker Table

Viewer Project - By Mark Barabas from Clifton, NJ
Added on October 11, 2011

This Guild project looked like a great way for me to try using primarily hand tools. The table provided an opportunity to do my first real hand-cut dovetails and inlays. All joinery was hand-cut. I also took inspiration from Steve Latta and Garret Hack for the inlay embellishments. Instead of plywood, I used a traditional raised panel pine panel for the drawer bottom, allowing room for cross grain expansion. The curly maple was a bear to plane and I had to fight with the tear-out (a high-angle plane is next on my wish list), but the beautiful figure was worth the effort. Many thanks to Marc and the Wood Talk Online Forum for their generous support for this and all the other resources.

My first attempt at a french polish finish. Had to strip the top several times before I got the technique down. I’m very pleased with the end result. Put a coat of paste wax on the shellac for additional protection.


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