Mark’s Refurbished Workbench

Viewer Project - By Mark Stebbins from Melbourne, FL
Added on July 25, 2015

When I bought my Scandinavian workbench in 1984, I could not have imaged the countless hours of use it would see; every activity from building the furniture for my home to repairing lawn mower engines. After 30 years of use and abuse, it was time to give it a good cleaning and tune-up.

My first thought was to hand plane the top and try to make it as level as possible. The front of the tail vise was about 1/16th lower then the rest of the bench. When I reviewed The Wood Whisperer Video on “how to flatten a bench top with a router”, I knew this was the way I wanted to go. I purchased a Freud 1-1/2” bit and followed the instructions in the video. I could not have been more pleased with the results.

After some light sanding, I finished the bench with Tung Oil, replaced the vice handles with my own (verawood/brass), added a monogram inlay to replace the existing logo and now the bench is ready for the another 30 years!


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