Marc’s Secret Cooler

Viewer Project - By Marc Jones from UK
Added on April 6, 2016

At first glance this looks like just a big stack of timber in my workshop, affectionately called the MAN CAVE. But if I tell you the back story to this project it might start to make sense. My dad, like most of us, enjoys a beer or two in the evening and my mom, like most wives, likes to moan at him for drinking. So he used to stash a few cans in his garage so he could have a quiet beer in his garage whilst “modging” as we call it. Every now and again mom would venture into the garage and accidentally stumble across his secret stash and much moaning would ensue.

They have a log burner in the lounge so they store piles and piles of timber in the garage much like that which you see in the picture. So this inspired me to make that big pile of lumber–but with a hidden secret! Pull the front row of the the stack and a secret compartment is revealed. The back part has a rack for a bottle of wine/whiskey and four holders for glasses. The front part is actually a fridge with enough room for 10 pint cans! The inside is aluminum painted white and attached is a peltier cooler to chill the “cooler box”. The cooler box is also insulated to help keep it cool. The outside is normal pine timber, the cabinet is made from 18mm ply and I clad the ply with beech that I machined from scraps I had laying around.

I made it for my dad as a secret present and a thank you for all the stuff he’s done for me and my sisters over the years. But he was so impressed that he’s actually shown it to mom!


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