Marcel’s Aurora Nightstand

Viewer Project - By Marcel Poirier from Ottawa
Added on February 25, 2015

I’ve done a few simple projects in the past with cedar for outdoor furniture and decided that woodworking was something I really enjoyed. After a year of setting up my basement shop and building shop furniture, I was finally ready for my first real project.

While watching all the great learning videos from the Wood Whisperer and looking at the online projects, I saw the Aurora Nightstand for the first time in Brian’s project on this site, and the style immediately appealed to me. After reading Darrell Peart’s book, I was sure that I wanted the Aurora Nightstand to be my first project–why not dive off the deep end.

After visiting a family-owned hardwood store and putting my newly found knowledge of board feet into action (again thanks to the videos on this site) I was ready to start. Being a weekend warrior, it was slow going, but after countless hours and a few learning mistakes along the way, I finally finished by very own Aurora table.

I’d really like to thank The Wood Whisperer. I’m not sure I would have even tried such a daunting first project without having access to all the great learning videos available on this site.

Original design by Darrell Peart.