Lyle’s Christmas Stocking Holders

Viewer Project - By Lyle Kerr from Manchester, CT
Added on November 22, 2012

We had a metal set of stocking holders we bought when our first daughter was born. With our second daughter here, I was not able to find the same style that we had to add another holder. But then I have wanted to build something for a while. I looked online for ideas and surprisingly, I could not find much of anything for stocking holders made of wood.

I had some leftover Jatoba from a rocking horse I had built for my first daughter and a PC dovetail jig I bought new a couple years ago and had never used. I had never made a dovetail joint before.

The decorations on top are from ideas I saw on line and are made of poplar. My wife and kids helped decorate the tree and presents. The hook for the stocking is just some stuff from my father’s collection. They worked great, but I do need to add the weight to them, just never got around to it. If I were to do it over again, I would definitely use maple for one piece and Jatoba for the other to get the contrast in the dovetails. Otherwise, I am very happy with the results. These are heirlooms I hope to be around for generations.