Logan’s Inside-out Live-edge Coffee Table

Viewer Project - By Logan Newman from Rochester, NY
Added on November 13, 2014

I found this beautiful piece of spalted Maple and decided to build a coffee table. I had a friend who wanted a live edge coffee table so I got to have some fun! The board was 7 ft long and 11 inches wide and I needed to cut it in half and join it with a spacer in the middle to get my friend’s desired width.

I liked the idea of the live edge table, but I also know that I like to put my feet up on a coffee table so I knew that a live edge spalted maple board would break under that pressure. Also, spalted maple has gorgeous grain along the edge and I didn’t want to lose that. I decided to take the board I had bought and join it with a piece of Chechen along the live edge. I cut a dado along the length of the board and then hand carved both pieces to ensure a good fit. The walnut legs are mortised into the top and the bottom is 1/2 lapped into the bottom shelf. The bottom shelf is spalted beech split down the middle with a walnut piece biscuit joined to the 2 pieces.

The overall size is 25 inches wide, 42 3/4 inches long and 18 inches tall. It was finished with danish oil and 14 coats of wipe-on gloss polyurethane.


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