Kyle’s Jewelry Box

Viewer Project - By Kyle Lamb from British Columbia, Canada
Added on May 19, 2016

My inspiration for this project was Gary Rogowski’s box featured in Episode-224. It was a beautiful design and I stuck pretty close to it, although I made some refinements and adjusted the dimensions. I did keep with the Asian theme as it is my favored style such as the infamous George Nakashima. I thought it would be perfect for a friend who helped me through a tough time last year when a table saw accident almost claimed my right thumb. Marc’s videos were a big source of inspiration to not be scared of my tools, and to heal and get back into my shop and start making dust again. I have refined the shop with safety being paramount!

The Jewelry Box is made out of Douglas fir, purple heart and mahogany on the lid. I kept the joinery simple with box joints, stopped dados and a breadboard lid. Finish is Linseed oil with Bees wax and turpentine buffed out.

I have to thank Marc for all the work he has put out there for someone like me who felt stuck. It was a good kick in the pants to start again!


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