Kirk’s Cork Board

Viewer Project - By Kirk from Anna, TX
Added on October 13, 2012

This quick little project was perfect to fill in the dead time while watching varnish dry on another big project. I have been collecting corks for some time now and using scrap 1/2″ ply, created a backer board of appropriate size. I built a little jig for my miter sled to SAFELY rip the corks to the same thickness (in hindsight, I should have also done it for again for width so they lined up perfectly). Then it was simply a matter of gluing them down, trimming off the overhang, and making a simple frame from some 3/4″x4″ red oak scrap. I used a tung oil-like wiping finish (the pictures were taken before the wipe-off so it may look a little uneven, but it turned out perfect). Marc’s tip on the use of painters tape hinge when gluing up a frame was invaluable!


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