Keith’s iPhone Display Shelf

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Added on November 30, 2011

From: Keith Micinski

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Hobbyist or Pro:

Project Name: iPhone Display Shelf

Wood Species:
Curly Cherry

Finish Used:
I tried staining the cherry with a dark walnut stain to get it down in the curly grain and then I sanded the stain off. I am not sure if it was worth the effort though. I might have sanded too much off since it seemed to have only a slight effect. Then I applied 6 coats of Zinser seal coat shellac and sanded it with a 1000 grit and then put a coat of Johnson’s paste wax on it. I have never tried wet sanding shellac before and it turned out pretty nice but I probably should have sanded it more. I just got nervous that I would sand through the finish and then have to start over but I bet I was nowhere near sanding through with a 1000 grit.

Project Description:

My inspiration was one of Marc’s shelf build. I was going to make an exact copy but then I felt like adding an angle would make it look a little more unique. I am not sure if that was accomplished but it did turn out exactly how I pictured it from the beginning which is rare for me. I built it exactly like Marc’s except I bought a key hole bit and tried experimenting with cutting offset mounting holes on the back. I really like the keyhole bit and am probably going to start mounting things this way. As long as the packaging doesn’t change too much I should have room for another 5 or 6 phones.


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