Justin’s Timber Frame House

Viewer Project - By Justin Nelson from SE South Dakota
Added on April 20, 2012

This is the timber frame my wife and I cut under the sky while subjected to the South Dakota elements: extreme heat/cold/wind. It will be the home we built together, along with a small cast of others who would only steal some of our thunder if named (Dad, brother, brothers-in-law).

Eastern White Pine harvested north of the Twin Cities comprise all major timbers in the frame. The joinery is all traditional mortise and tenon, as well as using hardwood splines (oak and ash). Timber framing is definitely my passion, all other aspects of home building I certainly do not enjoy as much. I did contract out all concrete, drywall, electrical, and trim carpentry.

The entire frame has been finished with real Tung Oil. The entire frame was sanded by hand via an orbital sander to get rid of the weathering. Since the frame was already erected, the frame was sprayed with Tung oil.

The house is real close to completion, but the frame itself is what I’m the most excited and proud of!