Jon’s Coffee Scoop

Viewer Project - By Jon Friday from Knoxville, TN
Added on June 8, 2016

I had a need for a long-handled coffee scoop and after failed attempts to find one in the store, I thought why not build one. The advantage to making something yourself is you can design it to fit your needs and make it exactly like you want it. I am very new to wood working but this project has really inspired me to learn more and expand into other projects. I am very limited on tools. I clamped my jig saw upside down to my work bench to make my top and side view cuts. From there I used my dremel tool, and a lot of hand sanding to get the finished product. I used all-natural walnut oil for the finish.

Since I made this spoon, I have made a few more spoons and just made an end grain cutting board. I want to say thanks to the Wood Whisperer for all the videos and helpful information!


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