Jonas’ Dressing Table

Viewer Project - By Jonas Hackney from Somerset, KY
Added on August 30, 2017

This is my take on Norm Abrams’ New Yankee Workshop Dressing Table project.

The table is close to the plans but I did make a few alterations to the depth, and most notably used local solid cherry for the entire table instead of Mahogany and a plywood core.

I got into woodworking while in my early twenties and completed a few projects with limited resources in tooling. Over the last couple of years, I began building my collection of tools most notably with a SawStop cabinet saw, custom router table with a lifting base, an 8″ joiner, and as of this project, a SuperMax 19-38 drum sander.

When starting back a couple of years ago, I found The Wood Whisperer You Tube videos served as inspiration since the New Yankee Workshop is no longer in production.

This project is my first attempt at a piece of furniture of this caliber and offered a challenge with turning the legs using my grandfather’s old Craftsman lathe, keeping in mind I hadn’t used a wood lathe in more than 20 years. The dressing table was also a challenge in that the fit and finish was very important for it to look right.

The stain is General Finishes Candlelight and the varnish is General Finishes Arm-R-Seal.


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