John’s Kid’s Fort

Viewer Project - By John Thompson II from Bird Island, MN
Added on April 18, 2012

I took two telephone posts and cut them in half from 30′ to 15′ and put them four feet in the ground. The framing of the deck is the only new wood besides the 1/4″ sheathing. Even the steel on the roof is salvaged. The framing of the 8′ by 10′ fort is all re-purposed from barns. The siding is from an old shed in town. I put the sheathing up under the siding so as not to have to worry about where the old nails were in the siding.

There are two bunks inside. They are attached together so that only one ladder is needed. Two of the windows are hinged so as to let air in when the sliding door goes on. Then there are two glass blocks up where the people (kids) sleeping can peek out to see what the noise is at night. The fort was then pressure washed and finished with an exterior clear coat.