Johnny & Greg’s Table

Viewer Project - By Johnny and Greg from Pensacola, FL
Added on June 24, 2010

After seeing Marc’s video on cutting boards, it sparked an interest. We’ve made all kinds from straight grain to end grain, we have even made curved wood boards (where we bend and glue into that shape). All of these boards and my need for a table lead us here. The table is 40″ across and has about 200 pieces of wood mostly made of dunnage from South America. We pick up the dunnage (pallet material) from a local lumber supply store for free. Beautiful wood that’s just thrown away. Some of the varieties include guanacaste, purple heart and peroba rosa. We also purchased blood wood for this project. I haven’t been able to identify the rest. The glue ups were done in 12″ sections. After planing and jointing, biscuits were used to join the sections. All of the knot holes are filled with clear epoxy to showcase the holes. The legs are composed of 15 pieces each. The strips are planed thin enough so that no steaming was necessary. We finished it off with some good old antique oil.


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