Jim’s Oriental Jewelry Box

Viewer Project - By Jim (http://thewoodcrafter.blogspot.com/) from Dundee, MI
Added on April 18, 2015

This is a jewelry chest I made for my wife last year for our anniversary using some leftover wood from a blanket chest I had made for her the previous year. The exoskeleton and roof are made from white oak and are held together by the black walnut tenon keys. The whole assembly can be broken down. Here is a video of me assembling it.
The only glue used in this project was on the half blind dovetails on the drawer inserts. The drawer fronts are quartersawn white oak, and the sides and inlays are black walnut. The characters on the front are Japanese Kanji and translate to “Everlasting Love”. The drawer inserts are made from oak, MDF and foam, and I covered most everything in velvet. All of the mortises are cut by hand and if I counted correctly, there are 52 through mortises and 4 blind tenons. For the finish, I wiped on several coats of amber shellac. One mistake I made was on the overall size, it stands 17 1/2” tall, 15 1/2” wide and 11 1/2” deep, and because of the large size, my wife now believes I need to buy her more jewelry so she can fill the excess space!


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