Jim’s Kid’s Table

Viewer Project - By Jim Abbruzzese from Milford, MA
Added on November 28, 2013

I’m pretty psyched to share the results of my first furniture project. Marc’s site, his videos and the WoodTalk forums have been my main resource for learning the methods used to make this table for my kids. Just about every step of the way was a new experience for me and I thank Marc for the silly amount of free information he has provided. And I thank everyone on the forums, on twitter and google+ for their advice and encouragement.

The inspiration for this table came from one being sold on Amazon that my wife had found, hinting that she wanted to buy it. After convincing her I could build it, I began acquiring tools (mostly used) as I needed them as I progressed though the build.

I designed the table (and chairs – that’s the next part of this project) in Sketchup taking reference from the one we saw online as well from the worn out table our boys were already using. The joinery is all done with dowels using a dowel jig and dowel centers. I figured this would be a good way to get my feet wet before taking on mortise and tenons as I have no hand tools (yet). I used dowels in the table top as well to help with making a flat surface.

I made my own wipe-on poly by thinning standard poly and finished with a coat of wax. The end result is buttery smooth and may be what I am most proud of in this project. The figure and grain of the table top really shine.

Overall I am very pleased with how the table turned out, though it is not without its flaws which I will not reveal here. If anyone is interested I documented my experience in a blog I started at the same time as this project. You can read my ramblings at moonlightwoodworker.blogspot.com.