Jim’s 7Up Storage and Chest of Drawers

Viewer Project - By Jim Lynch from Boxmeer, The Netherlands
Added on June 28, 2012

Just dropping a line from the other side of the water. Don’t hear much from Holland in the woodworking scene. I have been watching The WoodWhisperer since the start and enjoying it very much. I decided that I wanted to do some woodworking. First I had to build a workshop, the wall hanging tool cabinet and bench before I could start, not to mention all the tools! In January 2011 I was ready to start, so I joined the Guild. My wife wanted the chest of drawers so of course I went and built the seven up storage. I really enjoyed making drawers with slips and all. Squareness and precision is everything. I do have some difficulties with this as the humidity varies from less than 20% to 100%. I find that I have to loosen up the fits.

In the future I want to build some drawers with a bow front or even in a S wave form. I would love seeing this included in a future project. I have the book Chest of Drawers- Bill Hylton. In this book it shows laminating in the thickness of the front, I am thinking about laminating in the high of the front with one of the laminates incorporating the draw pull, any ideas anyone?