Jeremy’s Entertainment Center

Viewer Project - By Jeremy Paul Lovelace from San Antonio, TX
Added on September 25, 2014

We have a 12′ wall in our living room, that served as our TV wall. Even with a 60″ TV, it still looked completely empty. I watched the ‘Low Entertainment Center’ set of videos for inspiration on this, and used the plans on the website, with a few modifications.

The height and length are the same as specified in the plans, but the width is about 4 inches more shallow, to fit better in the space we have. All joinery is the same as in the videos; dadoes, grooves, etc.

The top and bottom plates are 3/4″ Maple ply, as are the four interior dividers and base. The interior divider facing is 3/4″ Cherry, because that’s what I had laying around! The six shelves are 3/4″ Pine Ply, with pine facing. The bottom plate edging is 1×2 Pine. The top plate edging is 1×2 Maple. The doors are 1/4″ Maple, and the handles are Wenge.

This design lacks the 15 degree angle cuts, as called for in the plans. I decided to ‘square it’ all, for a more modern look. The different shades of brown, plus the maple, match the rug in the living room (or so my wife tells me).

The stain is Rustoleum Kona, applied the incorrect way. Two layers, that are brushed on, but not wiped off, to get the deep color. Two top coats of PolyAcrylic on top of that.

The wall shelves, which complete the ‘entertainment wall’ and encase the TV, are 3/4″ Birch, with the same stain and Poly. Each one has 12″ decking screws running through the entire width, and into the studs behind. The far right has movable shelves.