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Added on August 11, 2011

From: Jeff Hoste
Location: Sycamore, IL
Hobbyist or Pro: Hobbyist
Project Name: Steamer Trunk/Toy Box
Wood Species: White Oak / Walnut
Finish Used: Sanded to 220 grit. Blond Shellac. Wipe on Poly.

Project Description:
We welcomed our first child into the world in the summer of 2009 and when Christmas arrived, I knew I wanted his first gift to be special. I am a Golf Course Superintendent by trade and have accumulated a decent supply of White Oak that was milled from trees that used to be on my course. I was not only able to give him a hand made “toy box” that will hopefully follow him around for many years, but also give the project extra special meaning through the use of the lumber. I used the Rockler plan (looked at the pictures mostly) and it was pretty straight forward with the exception of the templates provided, which turned out to be useless. Future projects will be Sketch-up designed by me with inspiration from pictures. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Marc, for presenting a ton of information in a simplistic and fun manner. While I had somewhat of a clue before finding your site, I feel like I gained 1000% more confidence in myself and my abilities after watching you in action. Powermatic has to be smiling too, my shop turned mustard yellow! Fun stuff!

Here’s the plan Jeff used as a rough guide for making his trunk:

Steamer Trunk Plan Steamer Trunk Plan
This plan shows you how to build your very own classic trunk…

Steamer Trunk Plan


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