Jeff’s Jewelry Box

Viewer Project - By Jeff
Added on November 19, 2009

Hi Marc. Thanks for posting some beginner projects here – it’s been encouraging to see a wide variety of skill levels on The Wood Whisperer. The Jewelry Box was my wife’s anniversary present this past June. She granted permission to send you a few pictures – but I think she would have wanted to ‘rearrange’ the jewelry inside before snapping these! In any case, I’m new to woodworking and I learned a lot in the process of ‘creating’ the design and I’ve learned a lot from your videos. Seriously, thanks for what you do.

Here are some specifics about the project:

The Honduras Mahogany I received for free from a woodshop that had accidentally planed the rough lumber too thin for their use! Tragic. The grain pattern shifts around in the light – which I thought was interesting and Denise was able to select the pieces herself – which was also cool. (The box was a surprise, but the lumber wasn’t.)

I don’t own a planer – so I left it 3/4 – which might be strange for such a small box – but works for a new guy! It was my first drawer box and it took a little while to get sized just right. I opted to not try anything fancier than a dado…but it’s tight enough for this small stuff.

I made up the dimensions and the basic design, partly from your maple/bubinga box (awesome by the way) and partly from the sizes of the pieces I was trying to use up. Your design video also helped. The earring holder I saw in a magazine on someone else’s box and tried it out with just some blade kerfs. The rest of it was made-up-as-you-go.

By the way – there is a sliding dovetail joint in there above the dbox. My first one. I’ll probably use that a lot more because it’s pretty strong and easy to make. Plus it looks like I know what I’m doing. Personally, I can see a number of places to self-improve– the finish, the open grain issue on Mahogany, etc. I think I’ll need to buy your finishing video for the next one! In any case. I hope you enjoy it.


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