Jason’s Step Stool

Viewer Project - By Jason
Added on March 7, 2008

The step stool was a gift for my Father, he has been after me for a long time to make him one. The stool you made on the intro of your old podcasts was my inspiration for the piece. I chose a curly walnut (which doesn’t come through in the pictures) for the sides and a solid 8/4 rock maple top. The sides are mortised into the top, with a walnut inlay to make them look like through mortises. The rail underneath is attached with 2 birch dowels. The finish is a “tung-oil finish” from Minwax so it has some urethane in it I think, for protection. Only thing I would do different is curve the top like yours, but at the time I didn’t have a bandsaw, now I’ve got a 14″ Jet, so I am ready for the next one.


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