Jason’s Coin Display Case

Viewer Project - By Jason Veara from Woodbridge, VA
Added on May 10, 2016

About 10 years ago, my Dad and I started this project before I left to go to college. One thing led to another and it was just never finished. My Dad held on to the wood all this time and recently gave it to me. I changed our original design a bit but was able to use most of the original wood. I am giving it to him as a gift and a huge thank you for getting me started in a hobby that I love and plan to make a matching case for myself in the near future.

The case is made from red oak, finished in shellac, and measures about 15” wide, 24” tall, and only about an inch deep. The door is made using half lap joinery and the case features mitered corners. I used Marc’s mirror frame project as inspiration for construction and design of the door.


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