Janae’s Candle Box

Viewer Project - By Janae Waggoner from Frankfort, IN
Added on July 12, 2010

This is my first woodworking. I built it to enter in a student competition. I placed 6th at Regional’s and 3rd at International’s with students from around the world. My Inspiration for this project come from Roy Underhill the Woodwright Shop. As part of the project I had to create a report on the project. This is a portion of that report.

It is a missionary candle box with hidden compartments. They were used by people to hide money when traveling or at home before banks. No nails or brads were used in this project. I started by going to the lumber mill to select hard word for my project. I selected the wood I thought would best suit my project and the time period in which this piece originated. I chose curly maple, walnut, and cherry because I liked the way they accented each other. To make the cove molding on the top of the box I used the table saw with a fence clamped to the table at an angle to the blade. I removed the saw marks with a card scraper and sand paper. I reinforced the miters with dovetails keys made from walnut. The finish is a wipe on polyurethane.


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