Hammer Dulcimer

Viewer Project - By David from Stillwater, MN
Added on September 8, 2009

My iPod Touch update made it easy to get video podcasts and I stumbled across your site. I was quite impressed with your clarity and ease of delivery.

Anyway, the pinnacle of my woodworking experience thus far is a hammer dulcimer I made from a kit. It has a Baltic birch frame with a red cedar soundboard. It was literally a labor of love for a friend. I bought the basic kit that included the plans and hardware, but purchased the wood myself. Following the plans and prints was very easy, but the bridges were the most complex pieces of wood I ever made. I borrowed a completed stand from the store to take measurements to build my own, and designed and built the case myself. I used an electronic tuning fork to tune the dulcimer and it played like a dream. Musicmaker’s also sells complete kits as well as the finished instruments.


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