Greene & Greene Inspired Foosball Table

Viewer Project - By Greg Zenoble from Southlake, TX
Added on July 8, 2015

This foosball table was inspired by the Blanket Chest in the Guild, adapted to the wood I had on hand, which was walnut that we had harvested from fallen trees on our family’s farm in Virginia. We brought the logs to a local Virginia mill to have them sawn into lumber and kiln dried, then drove it back home to Texas. The hardware, with the exception of the stainless steel scoring units and recessed drink holders, was salvaged from an old particle board foosball table that had been sitting in our garage for 10+ years. I did repaint the players from their original faded tan and yellow to the new red and white. The table surface is 3/16″ thick shop-sawn walnut veneer on an MDF substrate. The rest is solid walnut and ebony. The inspiration for the base came from perusing the internet for G&G trestle designs. Joinery is integral mortise and tenon. I finished it with 4 coats of Arm-R-Seal gloss and a final coat of satin, sanding up to 800 grit between coats.


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