Flip Flop Tool Storage

Viewer Project - By John Hamon from Paso Robles, CA
Added on June 21, 2010

The first Table is for my 12′ Makita 400mm planer this thing is a tank/the flip side is for a 6″x 48″ belt sander with 12″ flat face. Both of these together weigh in close to 450 lbs. I had to make a structure strong enough to hold it and move it. I decided on 3/4 Baltic birch for the sides and the bottom. The tools are through bolted to the table which is made up of 4 pieces of 1/2″ Baltic birch ply glued together for a total thickness of 2″. There is a channel in the middle for the solid 1″ shaft to sit in. This unit saves me about 6 sq ft of shop space.

The next unit is a 3 sided flip, flip, flop table. It is made up of 3/4″ pre-finished birch that was a left over shelf I used in my house cabinets. The bottom is also 3/4″ ply. The table used left over pieces of Baltic birch. This unit was built because I don’t have a ton of bench top space and all three of these machines are the bench top style. I started with the Drill press since this is the tool I use most often in day-to-day operations, so typically it will always be on top. The Scroll saw is right underneath it. If the drill press is flipped back at a 90 degree angle then it kicks the scroll saw out that is the only problem that I have with this unit, it does take up some floor space to use the two lower machines, but it stores very nicely in the upright position. The last tool is the oscillating spindle sander which also houses the powerstrip. One plug to power all the tools.

Thanks, Marc, for all the years of work put into the woodworking community!


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