Eric’s Hanging Tool Cabinets

Viewer Project - By Eric Ball from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Added on November 7, 2013

I’ve been meaning to build two tool cabinets for my garage for over a year now, and finally had the time. I had originally intended to make a “sliding door pegboard cabinet” found online, but decided I wanted a more finished look (no visible pegboard). So back to the internet to find a better option. I found a new plan, but it was done a bit cheaply so I was looking for a way to spruce it up and add some drawers. Low and behold I came back to my favorite woodworking site, “TheWoodWhisperer” and found Rusty’s version of the plans I had been looking at. Rusty’s Tool Cabinet version added bottom drawers and had a very elegant finish. Thanks Rusty!!!

I did change a couple things, mostly with materials due to costs. I only added 2 drawers to the bottom because I wanted deeper drawers. I used maple plywood from the big box store and cheap pine for the door cases and the nicer pine for the doors themselves.

Something new this time was using some iron-on edgebanding veneer. Turned out to be very easy to use. I applied all the edgebanding first and then assembled afterwards. It did leave a couple areas not exactly flush pushing out the veneer a little at the dado and rabbit joints (corners and drawer separator). I realized this may be an issue but wanted to try it. Also tried it that way because I stained everything first before assembly (another first time trial).

I started with a coat of 1 lb clear dewaxed shellac. Then a coat of red mahogany stain, followed by a coat of dark walnut stain. Finished with a couple coats of GF High Performance Water based Poly-Satin. Finally a coat of wax and buffed (trying to bring sheen down even more). Finishing is definitely not my specialty and I’m always looking for a better way. Still trying to find a way to not get streaks in the poly. Don’t have a sprayer yet. I have since done a lot of research and will try to make some adjustments next time.

Ordered the hinges, door pulls and knobs ($2 ea) off the internet. I bought the piano hinges in 4′ lengths and cut them down, then spray painted black (the ‘oiled bronze’ ones were a bit too pricey for me).

Anyway, thanks again Rusty and Marc. Hopefully going to start on a coffee table next.