Dennis’ Double Adirondack Chair

Viewer Project - By Dennis Franzen from Ashland City, TN
Added on April 18, 2016

My inspiration for this project came from a picture my wife showed me. She asked if I could make it, so I set to it to see what I could come up with. My first attempt had the straight back chair, but after experimenting, we found the Adirondack style chair to be more comfortable. Our basic chair is the double Adirondack style with the table in the middle. We had a client request an upgrade with a hole for an umbrella in the middle, so we added that on some of our later models.
The construction is a basic bench seat construction with full lap joints. For more comfort, I used a 1/2 inch round-over anywhere possible contact would be made. As with my style of outdoor furniture, I used Osage Orange with foot-caps to increase the durability of the legs. In the finishing process, I did a full weather treatment with UV resistance. I make sure to tell my customers they must maintain this coating yearly.


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