Devin’s Mahogany Clock

Viewer Project - By Devin Larsen from Rexburg, Idaho
Added on December 24, 2010

This clock is my best piece to date. I finished it just in time to give to my mom for Christmas. The design is not my own, but a design that I found to be challenging. The main body of the clock is a simple carcass construction using rabbits and dados. I made a book match panel for the back behind the pendulum. The broken colonial style top was made using a combination of the band saw and router. Creating the finial was my first time using the lathe, it was a great experience.

The best part about this build was the incredible highs and lows that I experienced each time I was in the shop. I made plenty of mistakes which would just eat at me. Despite the few negative things that happened, I can look at it now and be proud of the thought of this clock hanging on my parents dining room wall.


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