Derek’s Pimp Cup

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Added on December 23, 2010

From: Derek

Website: HandMadeWoodGifts

Location: Fraser, MI

Amateur or Pro: Amateur

Finish Used: 2 part epoxy to insure an water proof finish for all sorts of liquids

Wood Species: Zebrawood, Purple Heart, Canary Wood

Project Description:
I decided to make this Pimp Cup Goblet because my wife always talked about wanting a pimp cup. Now I couldn’t have her drinking from a cheap plastic bedazzled cup so I was trying to think of a way to accomplish that with wood.

Since I had never done one before, I was doing a web search for ideas and came across this style. When I saw the picture I knew exactly what woods to use, and of course, I had to super size the cup for effect. As you all know (I’m sure) your stereo-typical is usually adorned with leopard or zebra print and always something purple. So naturally the outside of the cup is zebra wood, and the stem is purple heart with a nice contrast of yellow canary wood. The tic-tac-toe layout of the purple heart and canary wood adds a unique looking weave that makes for a cool transition at the base and the top.

The final dimensions are about 9″ high, 3.5″ in diameter and it holds about 7-8 ounces of liquid… which will most likely contain alcohol. I used a 2 part epoxy for the finish provides a nice thick barrier to insure that wood won’t ever stain and that noting will contaminate the drink. I covered the whole project with it so that the finish would look consistent.

Knowing my wife, she is going to love it and be drinking from it all night! Hope you all enjoy it!


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