Derek’s Chess Pub Table

Viewer Project - By Derek Campbell from Idaho Falls, Idaho
Added on August 7, 2012

After graduating from my medical residency my gift to myself was a pool table. Every pool table needs a pub table and I love playing chess so I tried to find one that would accommodate both. Couldn’t find what I wanted and I always wanted to learn how to make sawdust, so I bought a few cheap tools (have since upgraded immensely) and went to work.

This was my first project but I figured if I could cut a baby out of a mommies belly surely I could cut wood correctly. (By-the-way, a C-section is easier!)

There is no metal in the joinery. I cut the cross support profiles on my tiny band saw and the joined them with half laps and seated the cross supports into the pedestal. The legs are corbels which are doweled into place. I bought a pre-cut circle piece from Home Depot. I have since built a circle jig for my stationary router. I hollowed out the recess for the Travertine tiles by hand saying at the time it was therapeutic, not willing to admit to myself I didn’t know how to do it with a router!

The chess pieces are part of a collection. This set is from Prague. I have since learned a whole lot and look forward to a lifetime of woodworking.


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