David’s iPhone Stand

Viewer Project - By David Falkner from Bossier City, LA
Added on April 28, 2015

You know when several things get in your way often enough it’s just time to deal with whatever impedes your progress. Well, I have a personal iPhone 4S and a business iPhone 5S and I carry both just about everywhere most of the time. When I get to my desk I typically just set them down in front of me. Within a minute or two they’re either covered with a piece of paper or just plain in my way.

I had been wanting to practice my bookmatching and binding so I came up with an idea and carried it out on this little project. I picked out a small piece of Flame Walnut and Curly Maple, along with some Birdseye Maple and Macassar Ebony veneer and set about designing the guitar shape.

Once I had the guitar shape cut, I made a little accessory for my Dremel so I could cut the rabbet for the binding I made out of veneer. Then I heated a small black pipe and bent the veneer to fit the guitar shape and when the shape was good, I glued it on to the Walnut. For the rosette I also made a Dremel accessory so I could route the groove for the inlay around the sound hole.

The base is Curly Maple and I basically cut away everything that looked like it didn’t belong on the base, trying to keep it light and airy but not dainty or frail looking. It kind of took on a Star Trek look, but it works for the piece. The entire piece is finished in Nitrocellulose lacquer.

It was a fun build and I hope y’all enjoy!


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