David’s Cherry Hall Table

Viewer Project - By David
Added on October 26, 2007

This beautiful table was built by David who describes himself as a “corporate drone” who just recently started getting into fine woodworking. His only previous woodworking experience was in 7th grade, nearly 23 years ago. His hall table is made of cherry, features bandsawn legs and a continuous 16″ wide top!! Let’s hear the story from David himself:

I picked up the wood for this table at my local hardwood distributor. The day I stopped in, I noticed an unusual stock of wide (15-18″) 4/4 cherry planks they had just finished from raw stock. I bought all they had and figured I’d be able to start my first project with some of it – and at a minimum avoid some gluing. The intent was to use my first woodworking furniture project to replace a sofa table in our foyer. I wanted to match the theme established by a cherry mirror hanging on the wall directly above the table. I decided to match the legs to the mirror sides. My wife was skeptical that my first project would make the grade for the foyer. The table was finished with 3 coats of Deft lacquer and touched up with #00 steel wool.


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