Dan’s Cabinetmakers Tool Cabinet

Viewer Project - By Dan O'Neil from Georgia, VT
Added on September 23, 2012

I needed a classy place to store my growing collection of hand tools. My project was entirely inspired by the tool cabinet made by Joseph Zeh. I looked at his on his website, tweaked it for what I wanted size wise, and put some of my own personal touches on it. I have been fascinated with hand cut dovetails; I think the subtle differences between hand cut dovetails make the piece look much better than if they were machine cut. That being said, I wasn’t sure I could pull off all those hand cut joints. I quickly figured out that the most important things were to keep your tools sharp, and to take your time doing it (or else you end up doing it twice). Now I am going through tool placement, and look forward to many years of woodworking with this cabinet in my shop.


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