Dan’s Alligator Juniper Wall Art

Viewer Project - By Dan Taylor from Flagstaff, AZ
Added on June 20, 2018

This wall piece is made of alligator bark Juniper wood put together like a jigsaw puzzle held together by eight gallons of epoxy. Ten pounds of turquoise, a few granules of glow-in-the-dark sand, and a color changing strip of LEDs are included into the epoxy. Inspiration came from the oddly shaped pieces that were leftover after milling a root burl. I started playing with them like a jigsaw puzzle and realized I needed to join them into one piece.

The finish is a thinned down varnish which I prefer for pieces that aren’t going to live exposed to UV light, usually about ten coats to get this sheen. Too beautiful to not share. I feel blessed that I enjoy working with live edged Juniper so much and hope you all enjoy it just as much. Check out my Facebook page Mountain Juniper Gallery of Handmade Furniture for pictures of more of my art.


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