Corner Coffee Table

Viewer Project - By Stan
Added on August 19, 2009

Here is the latest project that I finished. It is a coffee table for a corner sectional couch. The table was the result of watching David Marks’ video on curvilinear methods. The design for the table came about one Saturday morning while making coffee. We had been wanting a coffee table for our new couch and all round, square, or rectangle tables just didn’t fit. The cone filter sparked an idea for the shape of the table, so I walked over to the couch and held the filter out in front of me. Bingo, I had a shape!

I own a copy of David Marks’ DVD on curvilinear design, and I had done some bent-wood lamination development on other projects. So I knew that I would use that technique on the outer rim of the top. The top rim is made from 17 strips of Alder wrapped around a plywood form. I used bicycle inner tubes to clamp each layer as I glued up the rim. The rest of the top is book matched quilted maple veneer in a radial pattern. I used the two ply method for gluing up the veneer so that I could center the radial pattern. The legs, made from Alder, were glued up in one step using a cable jig.

I stained the Alder a Cherry color, and then added two layers of a top coat. It was at this stage that I attached the outer rim to the veneer top. I didn’t want to take a chance of getting stain on the maple veneer. I then finished with two more layers of a top coat oil. All together the table took about 150 hours to build.


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