John’s Contemporary Storage Unit

Viewer Project - By John from California
Added on January 8, 2010

About a year ago, FWW emailed an ad for their 102 Contemporary Furniture Designs publication featuring a writing desk created by Don Green of GreenTree. I was captivated by the creation, and decided to make a version for myself. The base is constructed of mahogany, uses loose tenon joinery, features a small drawer, and is ebonized and top coated with semi-gloss lacquer. The top is African ribbon mahogany veneer over a poplar substrate. The lid was formed by coopering and the finish is linseed oil and shellac.

The piece now sits in my entry hallway and functions as a storage unit for our china and silverware. I have to give Marc credit as well for this piece, particularly the use of lacquer and shellac from his videos.


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