Claro Slab Top Table

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Added on December 6, 2010

From: Dan Mosheim

Website: Dorset Custom Furniture

Location: Dorset, VT

Amateur or Pro: Pro

Finish Used: Three coats brushed on poly with two wiped on coats wiping poly

Wood Species: Claro Walnut

Project Description:
A bird’s eye view of this 48 x 120 x 3″ thick slab. We figure conservatively that the table weighs at least 400 pounds assembled and I am unable to pick one end off the floor without feeling like I might hurt something. For shipping to Montana, the slab will unbolt from the base and the 5 part base will be disassembled.

First step was to use my trusty 25 year old 3.5″ Makita hand held planer to smooth the rough sawn top. Then since we had other stuff going on in the shop, the preliminary planing and cutting was done at my garage. We also laid in a few strategic butterflies.

For more information about this project as well as all of Dan’s incredible work, check out Dorset Custom Furniture.


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