Clark’s Greene & Greene Frame

Viewer Project - By Clark
Added on December 3, 2009

The inspiration for the frame was borne directly from Darrell Peart’s website (The frame is a gift to my wife). I intended to duplicate his frame (on a much smaller scale) for this project but decided upon a continual radius for the bottom rail. All frame joints are mortise and tenon with solid Ebony plugs. The smaller ebony plugs on the face are simply glued in place. The finish is 7 parts green dye stain (GF): 4 parts medium brown dye stain (General Finishes) with 7 coats of General Finishes semi-gloss Arm-R-Seal Topcoat and finalized with Renaissance Wax.

The most enjoyable aspect of the project was the fabrication of the panel as I had just built a vacuum press (using the plans provided by Building the press was an entirely separate but equally enjoyable endeavor (more of that some other day, though). I found the sheets of veneer via an online website and was immediately taken by the Maple quilted crotch pattern. This was my first attempt at jointing and applying a veneer to a substrate via the press so the process was a little more time consuming than was probably necessary. Though I had difficulty exacting the joint I think the result was certainly acceptable. I used 1/4″ MDF as the substrate and Better Bond Veneer Glue (also purchased from


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