Chris’ Hall Table

Viewer Project - By Chris from Livonia, MI
Added on June 12, 2012

My wife has been bugging me to make a table for the entryway of our home. So I went out to the mill, and picked out some Walnut and Goncala. However, when I went over the design (which was originally to be 1′ deep by 3′ wide) with the “Boss”, she said it was too long. So I had to do a quick redesign and build.

The bad part of this is I spent way too much on extra lumber. The good part is I have a ton of extra Goncala and walnut, which the “Boss” now wants me to get started on a matching T.V. stand. This is my second furniture piece, and the first time I used both Shellac flakes and breadboard joinery. The Orange shellac really made the walnut pop, and the Goncala almost glow. And learning how breadboards work and allow for movement was both an informative and rewarding experience.