Chippendale Side Tables

Viewer Project - By Brian and Jorge
Added on January 17, 2008

This week we have a real treat for you. Two Projects from two viewers.Let’s hear from Brian first.

“I have been a hobbyist woodworker for the last 5 or so years but mostly around the house stuff_paint grade built-ins, crown moulding, etc. After years of watching David Marks, I decided it was time to see how hard it was to build a quality piece of furniture. I called up my dad (who taught me everything about woodworking that David and Norm didn’t) and told him it was time to get serious. We went and got ourselves a planer and a bandsaw to complete my small shop and decided David’s Chippendale Side Table was as good a place as any to start. I had seen this episode of Woodworks years ago and vaguely remembered it. Luckily, I found a link from David’s site that walked me through enough of the steps to get this project finished.”

“Some details of the piece: it is made from 2 pieces of rough lumber- 8/4 Honduran Mahogany for the legs and 4/4 for the aprons and the frame & panel top. The panel is resawn and bookmatched–I got really lucky with the figure of this particular piece of mahogany. The aprons are attached to the legs with integral tenons and the top is simply glued to the base. Wenge accents (courtesy of my Dad’s meticulous work on his scroll saw) were glued in place and the whole thing was treated with General Finishes red mahogany stain and Arm-R-Seal.”

brian4.jpg brian1.jpg brian2.jpg brian3.jpg

And now let’s hear what Jorge had to say:
“Like Marc, I am a big fan of WoodWorks and I have been fortunate to have taken two classes with the Great David Marks. The design for these tables is from one of the first Woodworks but I did change the table top. I used redwood burl veneer. For the first time ever, I used the vacuum press (which I purchased more than a year ago). I think they look good and my wife and children like them. I have been woodworking for just a few years and truly I am not that good yet. Honestly, these pictures significantly over represent my abilities. The pictures were taken on my table saw covered with a white blanket.”

jorge.jpg jorge2.jpg jorge3.jpg


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