Chet’s Air Force Shadow Box

Viewer Project - By Chet from Camas, WA
Added on July 8, 2014

I was asked by my cousin if I could build his Shadow Box to commemorate his retirement from the United States Air Force. I was more than happy to oblige. He showed me his Commanding Officer’s Shadow Box in California and I then went home to make his.

The Box is solid White Oak with Black Walnut inlays which stand about 1/8″ proud of the surface of the Oak. I used an inlay bushing and bit kit with homemade templates (those took a while to get right) to cut the inlays. It measures 42″ X 22″ and is 4.5″ deep. I also mounted a challenge coin showing his rank right into the center of the star. I used a multi-tongue and groove joint bit to make the lower panel. To join the rest of it together, I used pocket hole screws and homemade dowels from project scraps to plug the holes.

I had the glass cut locally, but I was not pleased with the service, so I will use another source next time. When my cousin received his Shadow Box he was thrilled with the results!