Brian’s Alternative Hand Tool Storage

Viewer Project - By Brian Tracey from Santa Fe, NM
Added on October 18, 2013

Before starting to build my wood shop, I bought two worktables and four rolling carts at Sam’s club to have some form of storage and work surfaces in our two car garage.

After slowly putting together the wood shop, I still had the benches and rolling carts kinda in the way, so I started making use of the useless space in the rolling carts by building large pull out drawer/racks that can hold, store, and protect my hand tools. Now most of my hand tools have a place to live and are at hand when I need them, and protected when not in use. I used to have all the planes and chisels thrown in drawers. Now it’s a little more organized and all the sharp edges stay that way. The drawer/rack for the chisels has smaller removable chisel racks that nest together when not in use and come out individually when needed.