Brandon’s Modular Wall Storage

Viewer Project - By Brandon Franco from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Added on February 9, 2017

This project came about due to my precious lil bundle of joy that was going to be coming into this world. We have a rustic modern style throughout the home and being in a small two bedroom condo with nice vaulted ceilings, I had to utilize every inch that I could. We don’t plan on living here forever so I designed a modular/removable “built-in” bookcase.

I designed and laid it out in Sketch-up for the cut list and had to build it in sections since we only have a one car garage to work in. For the sub-assemblies I used 3/4 Baltic Birch fastened together with rabbit joinery, glue, and brads. I milled down all my face frames from solid 4/4 Poplar. I wanted to keep the modern square style constant but soften the edges so there is a stepping down of chamfers along the outer and inner trim pieces. I used two different off-the-shelf varathane oil base finishes, Kona for the body and American Walnut for the trim. Sanded and wiped down multiple times before thinning down some poly to spray. With a few more wet sanding sessions and one last coat, I was left with a nice smooth finish.

Once all the sub-assemblies were finished, I created a jig to locate the fasteners when doing the final assembly in the room. I used pocket hole screws but not in pocket holes, if that makes sense. They were the only ones I could find that had a nice looking brown finish on the head and once counter sunk almost disappeared. After the main body was put together I glued and pin nailed the trim to cover the seams. I Attached it to both walls, climbed it like King Kong to prove to the wife it wasn’t going to fall, and pounded my chest in excitement! This project is the second favorite thing I’ve made, the first favorite you can see in last picture :D


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