Ashley’s Pub Table

Viewer Project - By Peter Steeper from Halifax
Added on June 21, 2016

My step-daughter wanted a pub table for her new house so we went to the hardwood store looking for wood. We found a nice piece of sapele for the table top and more for the legs. I had to keep her away from $2000 slabs in the back of the store.

This was my first major project with mortise and tenon joints. We set up the mortiser as outlined in TWW’s Video which produced excellent results. I did the mortises and Ashley cut the tenons on the table saw with tenon jog.

We used several coats of polyurethane to protect the table and brass inlay from the “Neanderthal Guys” (her husband’s friends) who show up at Ashley’s place. The results were great and we enjoyed working together on the table.


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